Hi, I’m Cara. I’m new to blogging, but I’m very experienced at shopping. It’s debatable whether this is an actual skill, although I would venture to say that my fellow fashion/style bloggers would vote yes.

A little about me: I live in Santa Cruz, CA where I so gratefully get to smell the beautiful ocean air everyday, an amazing stress reliever after a long grinding day at the office. This is also the place where the preferred bumper sticker says “Keep Santa Cruz Weird”. I grew up in a small town in Indiana, I went to a private Christian college, I shower everyday and I only have one tattoo… just saying. Life is pretty funny that now I live in Santa Cruz. If you visit one day you’ll understand why this is ironic.

Though I do wish I could be a professional shopper, my real job is selling real estate, which I love. My fiancé and I run a real estate brokerage and it’s incredibly fun since we are connected at the hip and love every minute of working together. Okay, “every minute” might be an exaggeration since there have been a few arguments along the way (I was totally right!), but it’s pretty great.

A little about the blog: So I’ve hinted that I enjoy shopping. What I actually love is the expression of self through fashion and style. I’m almost 40 (yep, just told you that. 38 to be exact, so technically I’m still in my “late thirties” which sounds much younger) and I still feel like I’m discovering myself as my style choices continue to change and evolve. I started this blog as a creative outlet and with the hope that I might inspire others in their own style journey. You can read more here about what behind the name Because We Can.

The goal of this blog is to provide you with great shopping tips, share my latest fashion finds, guide you to the best sales and deals, and just have fun celebrating the beauty and joys of being a woman (which are certainly not just about shopping and fashion).

I also love being a part of a community and I get so much of my inspiration from my fellow blogger friends. Okay, “friends” might be a stretch since so far I’m just stalking their blogs and pinning all of their cool stuff… but I have high hopes. Life is to be shared, so let’s connect! I look forward to hearing from you and what’s inspiring you today.

Join me on Bloglovin’ to follow the fun fashion ideas I have brewing. You can also check out my Pinterest boards where I am constantly hunting down the newest and greatest for my ever growing wish list.

PS. I’m getting married this November (Yay!) and I’m guarantied to be in need of your help to pull together design ideas for a fabulous destination wedding in the Puerto Vallarta area. So, yes that is an official invitation for all the advise, ideas and what-not-to-do’s you can share with me!

Much Love, Cara




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